Apdirbtųjų Atgimimas / Machined Reborn (2009)

Apdirbtųjų Atgimimas / Machined Reborn (2009)

Metai: 2009

Žanras: Siaubo / Trileriai

Kalba: Lietuvių

Trukmė: 1h27min.

Režisavo: Craig McMahon

Vaidina: Jimmy Flowers, Kathleen Benner, David C. Hayes, Davina Joy, Eleni C. Krimitsos

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When a property in the Sonoran Desert, AZ fell into default foreclosure and went up for public auction, an eager young newlywed couple jumped at the opportunity to purchase. Little did they know it used to be a torture ground owned by the serial killer "Motorman Dan whose crimes became the most puzzling in U.S. history. Now, their honeymoon phase has come to a horrifying halt, as the Motorman rises for one more round of terror.

Pridėta: kalibrasss
Тagai: 2009

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